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I remember having this cake when I was growing up. It was fantastic.

I assume it will work just fine with butter instead of the margarine won't it?

Hi Mary,

You can easily substitute butter and milk for the margarine and almond milk.

Let me know how you like it!


She is so cute! It looks like she was really focused on making it.

Thanks for sharing this special moment.

This sounds great. Does it make one or two layers? The recipe says 1 8x8 pan but there are two pans in one of the photos.

Hi Dave,

I should have mentioned that. The recipe is set to make 1 layer. Rosie and I doubled the recipe and put it in two pans since we needed to feed a bunch of people.


The cake looks yummy. I love pecans and coconut together. Rosie looks like a "natural" in the kitchen.

That's awesome. I bet she does grow up to be like her Uncle Jim.

I've recently had to eliminate dairy because of the baby's reflux, so I'm really excited about this site. I made this tonight, and it got a big thumbs up from everyone (including the little guy, who "hates" nuts). Thanks for the recipes!

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